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Science + Simplicity

Transform your skin in 28 days


The 28-day cycle

Different skin cells turn over at different times. However, by day twenty-eight, your skin has completed the turn over of all its cells in most adults.

Much like an elevator, the dead skin cells rise to the top of the skin's protective barrier, known as the stratum corneum. This layer can have 10 to 30 thin layers of corneocytes, which continuously fall off at a rate of one layer per day.

Based on this scientific information, we developed a product that works in sync with your skin's natural rhythm. We didn't want to rush the process or fall short in giving the skin what it needed. So, we formulated products with all the active ingredients your needs and absolutely no "fillers".


How It Works

The SETs were developed to address your specific skin concerns using the ground-breaking freeze-dry technology which enables powerful ingredients to penetrate the stratum corneum, resulting in visible transformative results.

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