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  • Why are your serum SETs not pre-mixed?
    We use a ground-breaking technology technique called lyophilization. The product is created by first exposing its ingredients to extremely low temperatures before quickly reducing its pressure. The ice then sublimates, leaving just the pure ingredients in its gaseous state, then returned to average temperatures. The product then solidifies without the moisture's molecular weight, reducing the ingredients' overall weight. By removing all forms of liquid from skincare products (until you are ready to use them), the freeze-drying technique leaves behind a much more potent formula packed in the form of a small tablet or powder without adding stabilizers or preservatives. Activate these super-fresh, on-demand formulations, by combining the two ampoules (powder ingredients and serum activator).
  • What are the benefits of the freeze-dried technology?
    Environmentally-conscious: This technique keeps the ingredients in their most natural and raw forms. Thus, it can eliminate extra filler-ingredients and prolong shelf life by up to two years without harmful preservatives! Furthermore, as the end products' oxidation is no longer a concern for the deterioration of quality, special packaging currently used to distribute existing cosmetics is no longer required, further decreasing waste. Clean beauty: We decrease activity loss within the product without using artificial additives, commonly found in skincare and beauty products, which locks down the purity of ingredients, resulting in hypoallergenic formulas. Thus, making our products suitable for sensitive skin Improved permeability: Use fewer products to yield maximum results. When the skincare ingredients get compressed by the freeze-drying method, the molecules themselves get reduced in size, and take up less space. Thus, sinking into your pores and penetrating straight through your skin layers efficiently, resulting in an increased absorption rate of the ingredients by the skin, all with less product! Storage: With the freeze-drying technique, fragile and unstable ingredients can be safely formulated for storage in a dry state, taking many forms. We store our formulations in airless ampoules, to ensure you get the most return on your investment.
  • Does any of your product have water in its formulations?
    Minimal. We made the conscious decision to eliminate water from our formulations whenever possible. We package all freeze-dried powders in an airless and waterless state. However, in some of our serum activators, a minuscule amount of water was used to mix the botanical extracts properly. Our FLAWLESS lotion also has some water in its formulation.
  • How do I incorporate the SETs into my current skincare routine?
    Because the formulation of the sets is so active, targeted, and developed to reset your skin, we recommend that you stop using any other products during the 28-day reset cycle. Adopt a simple ritual by cleansing your skin morning and night, apply the freshly mixed serum. If desired, follow with a moisturizer and SPF in the morning.
  • Can your products be used around the eye?
    Yes. Many of our formulation aids in brightening and circulation, which helps to improve the eye area. Gently pat the area with your ring finger until fully absorbed, but use it sparingly. If you accidentally get the product inside your eyes, flush it with cold water.
  • Can I use your products on my sensitive skin?
    Yes. We developed our products to be used in all skin types. Many of the formulations contain ingredients that address sensitivity in numerous ways, such as: balance the microbiome, even skin tone, calm inflammation, reduce redness, improve hydration.
  • Do you offer anything for rosacea?
    Yes. Both THE PRENUP set and our FLAWLESS lotion are excellent for addressing rosacea, as their formulations have ingredients that help reduce inflammation and imbalance of the skin, often associated with rosacea.
  • Do you have a Set to help with acne?
    We are in the process of refining the formulation for one. If you'd like us to notify you about the launch, send us a note.
  • How long until I see results with the SETs?
    We developed our SETs to work in synergy with your skin's natural renewal process of complete cell turnover, which takes between 28 and 31 days for younger adults, and 45 to 50 days in older adults. However, there are many other factors to consider, such as the present damages your skin currently has, and how your skin will respond to the treatment cycle. Other significant factors include your current health, diet, exposure to daily pollution, and smoking habits. Listen to your skin; it will tell you if you need another cycle! Keep the achieved results with our FLAWLESS moisturizing lotion. Each ampoule should be used entirely in 7 days, with the morning/night application We recommend using the SETs in conjunction with any of our CIT tools for more drastic results, which will help with collagen production.
  • What is the shelf life of the SETs and the FLAWLESS lotion?
    Since we remove all moisture from the freeze-dried powders, and the serum and the powder are stored in an airless ampoule; we can keep the products for up to 3 years. Use each ampoule seven days after opened and rehydrated. The FLAWLESS lotion, once opened, has a shelf life of twelve months. Store it properly by keeping it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
  • Are frangrance added to any of your products?
    No. we strived to create an inclusive line and understand that many people are sensitive to artificial (and sometimes natural) fragrances. Therefore, none of our current products contain any scent.
  • What is the difference between you SETs and the FLAWLESS lotion
    We developed each SET to target a specific skin concern, and to help your skin naturally correct those concerns during the cell turnover period of 28 days. The concentrated and pharmaceutical-grade formulas for these SETs will give you transformative results if you follow the recommended protocol. We developed the FLAWLESS lotion to maintain your results after completing your treatment cycle. However, if you return to pre-treatment "bad" habits, your skin will begin to show signs of wear again. Remember, reset means adjusting, or fixing in a new or different way, which includes not going back to doing things that were not good for your skin!
  • If I have multiple skin concerns, can I combine the SETs and use them simultaneously?"
    Absolutely. We refer to this simultaneous use as "skin mapping." In essence, you would apply each dedicated serum to a specific area of concern. If your skin has multiple concerns all over, you will apply each serum in a layering style.
  • Are any of your product tested on animals?
    No. Our products are made for adult humans, and tested on adult humans only.
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