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In a world with so many choices, we believe the way forward is to do more with a whole lot less. 


ReSET is a new experience in skincare, one made with fewer, better ingredients. By harnessing freeze-dry technology, we’ve increased the level of potency of what we do use, and reduced the need for what we never want to use — synthetic fillers, chemical preservatives, and a high percentage of water. 


Our formulas are straightforward, super efficient, fresh until opened, and targeted to your specific needs. We bring you more efficacy, more visible results, and more time to do whatever it is you love.


This, we believe, is the future of skincare.

Eza Borchardt


“Growing up in Brazil, the women I knew cared for their skin in a simple, straightforward way. It was a time of limited resources, which meant buying one good product and using it for everything. 


It was in this spirit I created ReSET. As a busy single mom, I wanted the results of a 10-step skincare routine, but in reality, I only had time for one. Informed by my experiences as a pre-med student and a model, and with the determination of a LATINX immigrant, I combined my knowledge of skincare and science to develop products that would be efficient, wouldn’t break the bank, and most of all, leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

The name ReSET came to me at a time when the world was going through a much-needed reset. It is my hope that, through this skincare line, we can do things differently and better.  I invite you to shake things up, too. Because here at ReSET, we like our skincare shaken, not stirred!” 


— Eza Borchardt, Founder

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