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Rooted in tradition,

backed by science, perfected by ground-breaking technology.

Transform your skin in 28 days

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The Tradition

For years, the beauty and cosmetic industry have used several natural ingredients such as plant medicines, tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods topically and internally. These extraordinary natural substances are well known as the best ingredients for maintaining beauty, preserving youth, and increasing longevity. An ingredient often used in our formulations is Tremella fuciformis, aka snow mushroom, which has its use dated back as far as 200 A.D.

In Chinese history, using snow mushroom as a fountain of youth, goes back to the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Yang Guifei—one of the Four Beauties of ancient China—credits the snow mushroom to maintain her glowing, youthful complexion.

Many other cultures use prime ingredients in the formulation of their beauty elixirs, and we are glad to bring these ingredients to you in our formulations!

Plant Oils_(Re)SET
water-free serum_(Re)SET

The Difference

Water, considered the most essential ingredient in skin care and hair care products, makes up to over 80% of a formula. Water is the vehicle in most formulations and is primarily used as a solvent in cosmetics, and personal care products; purified, distilled, or deionized water is used in cosmetic preparations. It dissolves many of the ingredients that are good for our skin.


But we questioned the use of water and its high percentage, and how that impacts each formulation's efficacy. We then began looking at ingredients and processes that would allow us to create products less dependent on water for them to work.

We found that if, instead of using water as the base, using potent high-performance extracts as the top ingredient and carrier can provide you with even better results.


Creating a formulation without water is not easy. It requires discovering alternative ways to transport components into the skin. But we embrace challenges that will generate good!


During that process, we also found that while it is recommended that we chug down eight glasses of water per day when applied topically, water can actually dry out the skin! No water = no breeding ground for micro-organisms, which equals longer shelf life and freshly mixed actives without the need to add harsh preservatives like parabens.

The Complexity of Simplicity

We believe that it is much more complex to create a simple high-performance product that works beautifully than it is to make poorly formulated one that can hide behind noise of cluttered formulas. It is this philosophy that makes the foundation for all our formulations.

We begin every formulation by sourcing the world's purest and most active ingredients.


Once in our labs, every ingredient is thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our highest performance standards. To make our SETs  we use the ground-breaking lyophilization (freeze-drying) technology, a process which can take up to forty hours, under controlled temperature and vacuum level, to remove all moisture from the ingredients. Leaving behind an potent and targeted combination that you will re-hydrate using our botanical serum activators right before each use. To make our lotion, serums and boosters, we follow the same rigorous process for sourcing, formulation and preparation.

Freeze-dried SETS by (Re)SET
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