THE SILVER BULLET - Sterling silver plated beauty bar

THE SILVER BULLET - Sterling silver plated beauty bar


Get ready to activate your skin's renewal with the ultimate sonic vibration technology massager toolset!


Combining the calming properties of rose quartz with the healing benefits of sterling silver, this is the ultimate beauty tool to improve your skin's circulation, tighten and sculpt your skin, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles!

A 925 silver-plated sonic vibrational massage set.

Key Features:

  • Brazilian rose quartz
  • Sterling silver plated T-bar
  • 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute
  • Waterproof

Suggested Usage:
-Used daily, this massage bar tool set will give your skin a toned appearance in a perfect, non-invasive way. Plus, you will love the soothing, relaxed afterglow of pampered skin that feels refreshed and renewed!
- Use as part of your 28-day skin reset

When to Expect Results: Immediately

Let us transform your skin in 28 days with a product that is:

  • Cosmeceutical grade
  • Contains only key ingredients
  • Champions clean beauty
  • Gives you the ultimate high-end beauty treatment your skin deserves