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How to reset your body from the inside out – it is easier than you think!

Have you been feeling a bit sluggish and not at the top of your game lately? It happens to the best of us – especially if we’ve been under a lot of stress, haven’t been getting enough sleep, or simply neglect our diet and even our skincare.

All is not lost: you still have time to press the reset button and activate a happier, healthier lifestyle! And it doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out – just conscious steps towards wellness.

Keen to make it happen? Here are some body reboot tips to get you started on the ultimate reset journey!

1. Ditch the takeaways and junk food – and choose healthy, homemade meals instead!

Our busy lives mean that we sometimes simply don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals for lunch or dinner. Then, we simply open our favorite food ordering app on our smartphones and order takeaways – often the variety loaded with salt and fat!

Kick this habit to the curb by becoming the ultimate food prep queen. Too busy to cook? Prepare your meals in advance! Whether you whip up breakfast jars that you can take on-the-go to the office, use leftover chicken to make a salad for your lunch the next day, or freeze stews that can simply be heated up when needed, you will enjoy healthier choices and that extra bit of cash that you save by eating in!

2. While you are at it, consider adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet!

Bad news: foods like refined sugar, refined carbs, and processed meats are some of the usual culprits that cause inflammation in the body.

Good news: many healthy food staples do precisely the opposite!

Tomatoes, olive oil, dark leafy greens (we are looking at you, kale!), fatty fish such as tuna and salmon, berries, oranges, and turmeric are fantastic food sources that fight inflammation in the body thanks to their antioxidants and polyphenols components.

Following a diet with anti-inflammatory foods will benefit your skin as it will look healthier and glowing, the results of an improved complexion that underwent the ultimate reset!

3. Drink more water -especially if you need more hydration than others

Exercise, drinking coffee, and occasional wine are all habits that could dehydrate your body – and be reasons you need more water than others would.

When we are dehydrated, we are more prone to headaches, and our skin will be drier and duller than usual. So, beat this habit and ensure that you consume enough water during the day - between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Keeping a bottle near you at all times will make it easier to remember. You've heard people say "take baby steps", right? So, take little sips towards better hydration!

Not only will you feel more hydrated and less inclined to snack when you are actually thirsty – you will also benefit from a boosted metabolism thanks to improved hydration.

Love these tips? Be sure to check out the ultimate skin (Re)SET too!

Pressing the reboot button for your skin is easy with the right ingredients. Be sure to check out our range of naturally derived clean beauty-inspired products that are geared towards the ultimate 28-day skin reset – with proven results. See you there!

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