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Dear Skincare Industry: No More Bullsh*t

You know that feeling when you buy a bag of tortilla chips and over half the bag is just air? Well, that level of disappointment is something that should be synonymous with buying liquid skincare products – but instead of air, it’s water.

The average consumer spends $30- $350 per month on skincare. And as we all know, finding a routine that works for you can be trial and error. When looking at a product label, it is likely many people won’t know which ingredients are necessary, and which are not. As a result, we feel frustrated when the products do not fulfill their promises. Not only do our wallets take a hit when we realize we have to find something else, but we waste hours of our lives, weeks even, persevering in routines we will have to abandon later down the line.

As it stands, the most prevalent ingredient in skincare products on the market is water— sometimes making up as much as 90% of a formula. Nothing special. Not even hydrating. Just water. Think of it as the air-in-your-chips equivalent ingredient – an ingredient that impacts both the potency of the product and how often they need to be replaced. Then why is it used? Because it's cheap, and the big skincare companies love big profit margins.

The Problem With Water In Skincare

The problem with skincare being mostly H20 is the effect on other ingredients, and subsequently, your skin. As soon as the water is added, the formula loses efficiency. You’re essentially just diluting the already small percentage of components that actually do something beneficial. Add oxygen to the mix, and suddenly the brightening effect of that magic ingredient is looking a little dull. Have you ever noticed your products going brown or orange around the lid? That’s oxidation – and that’s why it’s not working as well as it should be.

Oxidation: The Sneaky Culprit

Oxidation is the process of molecules losing their electrons due to contact with the air. This means the chemical structure of the ingredients has changed, and any claims made on the label regarding the product's effectiveness are no longer valid. Oxidized products are not only ineffective but can also be unsafe for use on the skin.

Filler Chemicals & Preservatives

Next on the ingredient list will be preservatives and ‘filler’ chemicals - which, most of the time, their only purpose is to "fill" a formula. Some of these fillers are added for sensorial purposes, like when you try a product for the first time and go, "wow, this FEELS so nice on my skin!" That's it.

Almost all liquid formulas require these ingredients to delay the oxidation process. From parabens to sulfates to formaldehyde – these filler chemicals are added to extend the shelf life of your products, without considering their impact on your health.

Unfortunately, like water, these additives come with their own set of problems. Although deemed "safe" by the FDA, scientists around the world are calling out for further research as we learn more about their impact on both us, and the world around us. Many of these ingredients have links to hormone mimicry, and, impractically, skin irritation (oh, the irony). Not necessarily something you want to be smearing all over your face...

The addition of these unnecessary ingredients also greatly impacts our planet. Water-based products are heavier to transport and package, meaning a higher carbon footprint. Preservative chemicals are proven to get into our water systems and damage marine life.

The Solution

Something in skincare needs to change. No one wants counterproductive ingredients. We want skincare that is long-lasting, safe, and effective.

Luckily for you, we at ReSET have worked hard to develop a product line that is up to the task.

By Freeze-drying our active ingredients, we are able to completely eliminate filler ingredients & preservatives from our products.

This process also decreases the molecular weight of the ingredients, allowing them to exist in higher concentrations and penetrate deeper into the skin. What’s left is potent, targeted skincare made for visibly transformative results!

Our cosmeceutical-grade products have a long shelf life, with no room for oxidation or spoilage. What's even better? Filler-free formulas mean less packaging! Kind to the planet and kind to your skin. No more bullsh*t.

Shop the collection here and find out more about how they work here!


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